Chef David

Chean Chong Yoong, or David for his friends, is a self taught chef. He is an industrial engineer who happens to love great food with a passion for creating authentic and exquisite meals with a loyal fan following across the globe. He loves studying what great chefs do and then using his engineering mind and attention to details he creates something magical that leaves his guests ecstatic and completely in awe every time. This is what excites him.

Sharing fine food with his dear friends and family and seeing them enjoying his creations gives David an immense satisfaction. Chef David today brings his unique version of making char siu to the general public through his personally managed outlets. He has developed the secret recipe by listening to food critiques and fine tuning the process over the past 15 years. During this time, he had travelled to Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Singapore, UK and USA in search of and to learn from great char siu chefs.

We invite you to try David’s Dangerously Delicious one of a kind char siu that David has created through sheer passion and a determination to be the best among the great char siu chefs in the region.